Friday, November 25, 2011

Invest in Your Future: Buy American for Christmas

It's here again! That time of year when so many of us have our annual shopping spree. Small businesses have banded together to urge us to "buy small, buy local" on Small Business Saturday. I take this opportunity to find American-made gifts for the loved ones on my giving list.

As ABC News keeps reminding us, if we all buy something made in USA we can make a difference. So, let's give the economy a boost by buying American-made products! Happy Holidays!

Stephanie, Webmaster and Junior Elf


Susan said...

Thank you for your time and concern put into making this site. It is greatly appreciated. How would I add an American Made Hand Tool Accessory to your site please? a sanding disc applicator for orbital sanders. Please let me know your thoughts, here is the video on how it works.
The applicator and the materials used to make it are all MADE IN AMERICA!
'Buy American', was my dad's motto when I was a kid. If each of us buy American just $7 a week can be a huge impact, put people to work and keep America working. Thank you as well!

Dirck Schou said...


Firstly, you are amazing for your contribution to the "Buy American Made Products" movement! One person can make a difference! Thank you! May i suggest you post the 30 second video from ABC News posted this week about making this a Made in America Christmas, on your site? Dirck, CEO HF Coors.

mrm said...

I just found this site (I was looking for a vacuum made in the USA) How wonderful it is! I will spread the news at work and always look here before I buy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this website. Just an update on what I have seen on the web, Fairbolt Woolen Mills in MN reopened this fall (2011) and is now making wonderful looking blankets "MADE IN USA"!!!! We also have a company in our community called Czech Feather and Down Company that makes down pillows and comforters. They also clean and repair pillows and comforters.