Monday, March 21, 2011

Giving Anonymously

As I have watched the heart-breaking news coverage of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear emergency, I cannot imagine the extent of the effort that will be required to return life in the region to any sort of normalcy. I read that the outpouring of charitable donations has not matched that seen for Haiti, possibly because we think that Japan can take care of itself.

My usual response is to donate to the American Red Cross.

Turning closer to home, I finally came across my notes about a wonderful website that was set up by a private citizen in Bellingham, WA, called The site allows donors to give anonymously to a friend in need, as a way to help without invading the recipient's sense of privacy. I loved this idea when I heard about it some time ago on NBC Nightly News. So often, one wants to help out a friend (or even a stranger) but without causing him or her embarrassment. This site is terrific.

Feeling grateful for what I have...

Stephanie, Webmaster