Saturday, September 24, 2011

Made in USA—Again! Stainless Flatware and Faribault Mill Blankets

Good news! American-made stainless flatware is off the extinct species list, at least for now! Sherrill Manufacturing (Sherrill, NY) is restarting its factory for a limited production run to fill a large order from Silver Superstore.

When Oneida closed their last U.S. facility in 2005, it looked like there would be no more American-made stainless flatware. Then, the facility was purchased by two former Oneida employees and reopened as Sherrill Manufacturing! The new owners have worked hard to keep a toe-hold in the U.S. market. When orders were not high enough to keep the factory open, they were forced to lay off employees and close their doors in 2010. However, the owners refused to sell off the equipment in hopes of restarting production in the future.

Shoppers who have been holding out for American flatware now have that option and an opportunity to demonstrate that there is market demand for this product category. So, go shopping!

More good news! Faribault Woolen Mill (Faribault, MN) also is having a second lease on life! The mill is having a grand reopening this month, thanks to two local investors. The company’s new tag line is “The Revival of American Excellence.”

This wonderful mill, which had been making beautiful blankets since 1877, had closed in 2009. At one time, air travelers could snuggle up for an in-flight nap with a Faribault Mill blanket. Now we get a blanket made in China (and we pay extra for the privilege!).

As cool nights approach, I will get out my Faribault Mill blanket made from Ingeo, a corn starch-based fiber. Welcome back, Faribault Woolen Mill!

[Disclosure: I do not have any financial relationships with any of the companies mentioned in this article.]

Stephanie, Webmaster


Mike said...

Hey, Stephanie,

My brother's company, New West Knifeworks, now manufactures all of its chef knives in the USA. I hope you'll check us out at

If you'd like to try one out, I'd love to send you a sample.

Mike Milligan

Anonymous said...

this doesnt have anything to do with silverware, but i know one company who manufactures in the US, its Burley Clay Products in Roseville Ohio, its the last of the ohio historic potteries, the clay is mined locally, the birdbaths, planters, etc is made right there and everything,

Tommye said...

Love this! Always looking at labels. I spend as little money as I possibly can on imported items. This includes, food, pet food and OTC medicines. You'd be surprised how much of that stuff is imported and I refuse to buy it.

Harry Miles said...

Finally an alternative! I am having a hard time on using the typical kitchenware. I would definitely get more than enough for my family. Who knows when will the company resume their manufacturing of these products.

Robert Wells said...

Is there anyone here who knows where I can buy a good equipment and materials I need for the restaurant business I am planning to start? Thanks!

Kiera Hurst said...

Good news! At least meantime, they were able to revive the factory. It's just sad before that they had to lay off employees because the company can no longer keep it up. Hopefully they will make it this time. Who would say no to blankets anyway? I even drown myself in a sea of blankets at bedtime. Pampering!

Grace Cameron said...

This is really good news; at least I already know where to buy nice and comfy blankets! I just hope I can find a store near us selling this material.

William Holmes said...

Good thing they decided to reopen this business, I’m sure a lot of homeowners would be happy for this good news. I admit I am one of those homeowners who would be happy to purchase these products. I will definitely set my time in buying these products after we redecorate our home.

Ashley J. Alberto said...

The Faribault Mill is one of the few remaining old mills that produce quality blankets, even at the hospital where I worked. It's a good thing they are back in business.

Jtx said...

Could someone tell me if anyone makes feather beds in the USA?