Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thank You's

Life is busy, but that’s no excuse not to say “thank you.” So I told my son this weekend after his birthday party. (And yes, we survived a sleepover with a bunch of eleven-year old boys, so thank you for asking!) Which brings me to the topic of today’s post.

When I started my website, StillMadeinUSA.com, I wasn’t sure how many visitors it would get or how helpful it might be to other people. Over the last year, I have been pleasantly surprised on both counts. Many people have supported the site, by shopping from the links, sending me notes of encouragement, suggesting companies to list, making monetary donations, and providing free internet publicity. I try to respond to emails, but sometimes I get behind. So this is my chance to say “thank you” to all of you who have supported the effort and the site.

In just the last week or so, I have received monetary donations from MoreSwimSuits.com and OptaCaddy, a personal donation from Brian McRae, many suggested company listings from Marianne McCormack, and several requests for additional shopping categories. In addition, new links to StillMadeinUSA.com have been posted by: FreedomlandUSA.com, United Steelworkers Union Local 9481, Communications Workers of America Local 6350, and United Autoworkers Local 845.

According to the AltaVista search engine, over 80 sites now link to StillMadeinUSA.

Thanks to all of you, and keep sending in those suggestions and comments! Even though I can’t always add content as fast as you would like, I appreciate every suggestion I receive! I’ll keep at it as long as I can spare the time and I feel that people are finding the site useful.

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