Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Summer Favorites

The kids went off to school this morning and there's a cool feeling of fall in the air. Time to say farewell to summer. In many ways, it was a sad and painful summer and I'm not sorry to see it end. Some days the only thing that got me through was my music and Dave Barry. (For those of you who don't know, Dave Barry is a humor columnist at the Miami Herald. Dave has been on "sabbatical" from his column to write children's books. Dave: come back! We need your columns to make us laugh MUCH more than the world needs more kids' books!!). So, before I hit autumn running, here is a list of my favorite summer music and reading:

Favorite music downloads (alphabetical order):
  1. Beck: Que Onda Guero
  2. The Click Five: Just the Girl
  3. Coldplay: Speed of Sound
  4. Embrace: Gravity (though this one makes me cry)
  5. Fall Out Boy: Sugar, We're Goin Down
  6. Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out
  7. Franz Ferdinand: 40'
  8. Green Day: Holiday
  9. Green Day: Blvd of Broken Dreams
  10. The Killers: Change Your Mind
Favorite Dave Barry Books:
  • Dave Barry is not taking this sitting down!
  • Boogers are my beat : more lies, but some actual journalism
  • Dave Barry turns 50
  • Dave Barry is from Mars and Venus
  • Dave Barry's complete guide to guys : a fairly short book

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