Sunday, September 21, 2008

MBeze Natural Skincare and Fragrances

It is always a pleasure to hear from young entrepreneurs with a good idea and an energetic spirit. In this case, the idea is fresh and lively fragrance products made in USA with natural and organic ingredients.

MBeze, a skincare and cosmetics company founded by Mary Beth Worzella, first caught my eye because of the visually stunning graphics on the website. I commented to Mary Beth that if the scents were anywhere near as wonderful as the graphic design, she had a winner!

MBeze Natural Skincare Products
Now that I have tested out a number of MBeze products, I am happy to report that they are every bit as lovely as I expected. The scents range from light and floral, to exotic, to bold. Packaging is elegantly simple. And, product ingredients read like a botanical directory rather than an organic laboratory textbook.

MBeze offers a number of scent collections, each of which comes in a natural oil perfume, body mist, body oil, and deodorant. Cruzee was an instant favorite of mine, with a light but intense floral scent. I also loved Once Bitten, with its soft and subtle blend of apple blossom and vanilla, and Koko with its traces of coconut.

MBeze Natural Skincare Products The perfume oils come in a handy roll-on applicator, small enough to tuck into an evening purse for a refresher. Another favorite product of mine was the little Deodorette, also a purse-sized product that is easy to take along for a day out or for travel. Used in combination with the Dabber Dust, a clay-based antiperspirant powder, the Deodorette kept me fresh and dry during a recent public speaking engagement. “Look Mom, no aluminum chlorohydrate!”

Check it out. I think you’ll love these products! All made in USA, of course.

Stephanie, Webmaster


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Stephanie,
Oh my, I hope you are still posting to your blog. I'm grabbing the link for Made in America Month which is in December. Your blog is a wealth of timely information and fits perfectly in my post for the December food Celebrations I am posting (hopefully tomorrow Nov.30) on my Come to a Kettledrum blog.

Henry said...


Nice updates to your site. I visit about 1x per month.

Here is another made in usa site that I found looking for soap dishes.

I don't know why this stuff isn't being sold in stores. I was at that Gander Mountain store in Lake Mary, FL. Everything was imported. For the prices they charge, they could easily stock with made in usa stuff from sites like these.

Natural cosmetics said...

Dose any body successfully tried herbal cosmetics?

Paraben Free Skincare comments by Allison said...

I loved the fact that all your items are made in the US. Plus they seem to be all natural. Great info. Thanks!

Stew said...

Great post there! Well you know what they say, you just can't go wrong with organic skin products. Thanks for such a comprehensive review of those products. Now I will look online where I can purchase that for drop-shipping over here in Perth.

Scented skincare said...

Thanks for making us aware of this scented organic line

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