Sunday, September 08, 2013

An American-Made Food Mill for My Vintage Kitchen

This weekend I scored a “vintage” food mill from the thrift shop. I didn’t even know I needed a food mill, but when I saw it on the shelf it just looked so sturdy and from another (non-electric gizmo) era that I had to take it home.

Made by Foley Mfg. of Minneapolis, Minnesota, this food mill is beautiful in its simplicity and utility. I’m not sure when Foley Food Mills went out of production, but they were probably in use in most of our grandmothers’ kitchens.

I have a batch of locally grown, fresh apples that I am cooking up and I will run them through my mill to make applesauce.

Enjoy the coming of autumn, and keep checking where things are made!

Stephanie, Webmaster

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John Mayer said...

Stephanie, thanks for maintaining this site; I just happened upon it. I can't find any other link to offer suggestions for adding to your lists.

After searching in vain for jeans made in the USA at Penny's, I discovered some made right in my hometown of Knoxville by a new start-up, founded by Marc Hall. This are definitely upscale, but they DO involve a lot of hand work and, I'm told, the selvidge denim is made in the US in much smaller batches (I don't know more than that about the process). They're not cheap, but I've managed to find two pairs on sale. I hope you'll consider adding them to your list. For all that they are quite expensive the firm just celebrated its first anniversary, but is struggling.

John Mayer