Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Buy American" Feels Good, Looks Good

My sister commented that the new “Why Care” page of my website was just bad news, followed by more bad news! It made me sit back and think. I’ve always wanted to be a nonpartisan, positive, upbeat place to buy American-made products. My site is not about “naming names” and chastising companies that outsource, much as I might be tempted. (That’s why I usually apply the rule, “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.”)

I think the “buy American” sites that focus on doing battle, doing without, or doing it to other countries (!) are tapping into our self-doubts rather than our self-confidence.

Buy American is more than tee shirts and jeans, and grim-faced guys in union halls! It is a joyous endeavor that celebrates American creativity, quality and style. The layoffs and plant closures are real, and not just a statistical oddity, but we will solve nothing by giving in to despair.

We still make some great products, so let’s get our chin off our chest, unwring our hands, and go shopping. (On the Internet, of course!).

Here are a few of my recent favorites.

Stephanie (aka, Pollyanna), Webmaster
Cape Cod Weathervane

Thorndike Mills


Yvonne Totes
Collars and More
Melia Luxury Pet
Thomas and Friends Bed

Hoy Saltwater Sandals

Little Colorado

 Tough Traveler Luggage

Kitchen Cart - Marble

Hartstone Pottery

Hartstone Pottery

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware
 Seasoned Cast Iron Serving Griddle LOS3  LODLOS3


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie!

Thank you for this post. I also believe in promoting "Made in America" products for all of the positive, non-partisan reasons.

I work at a small company that produces pewter items made here in America. Our shop is located in Eugene, OR. We will be starting a blog soon, and I was researching this same topic for a possible post when I came across your site and blog.

Thank you for promoting this. I'm sure many American businesses and consumers truly appreciate your upbeat website.

Jen Rooseboom
Tin Woodsman Pewter Co.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, I have started a blog recently called "Made in the USA" mainly because I got tired of hearing people say that nothing is made in the USA anymore. Well, I knew much better, the USA is still the largest manufacturer in the world according to all the stats I have examined. We still have a growing economy and I am proud to say I am American.

My site features links to products made in the USA that I have found on your website and some that I have found on my own and through other websites.

I am not afraid to discuss why some companies just don't seem to get why they are failing sometimes it just happens even if they have a good products that are made in the USA. Companies like Levis that expect Americans to buy their products even though they have abandoned America many years ago I have no time for and I have written them off in exchange.

I wear Stetson and Bailey Hats, Chippewa and Justin boots, Pointer Brand and US made Carhartt jeans. I plan on buying some Diamond Brand Gusset jeans soon because they look nice.

My main objective for my blog is show people there are quality alternatives to the cheap junk that is dumped on our docks coming from the Pacific rim.

I understand that it is impractical to think you can buy only American made products, that has never been possible. I just won't buy things made in countries that don't treat their workers as human beings.I believe in fair trade and fair treatment of workers. I am a conservative and a Union member. I am politically involved on my main blog but I also admonish my own party when they get on the wrong side of the issue such as the so-called free trade agreements. I want to discuss those things and have discussions on the merits of different USA made products too.

I am in the process of researching which American made tires I am going to buy soon with my rebate check. I am in need of four tires soon.

I will list your website as a very good resource and hopefully we can get more people to appreciate and buy products Made in the USA.

Thanks for your website, you are a decent person and good American in my book!

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to find your site. I also believe that we should buy American made products, and encourage American owned small businesses - - yet without the malice toward others! I just like to think that if Americans were more interested in the quality we can find here, we would quit buying such an abundance of "stuff".

Anonymous said...

I went to buy boots this weekend and found a large "Made in China" stamp on the inside of every pair of Justin and Tony Lama boots I found. Please spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Double H boots and Lucchese booare ts are both still Made in the US.