Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stephanie goes Wireless!

One symptom of advancing age is declining ability to adopt new technologies. Egad! So, here I was, seemingly the last person on the planet (except my mom) without a cell phone. I always said I was happy to be unreachable at times. However, teenage children, who seem always to have JUST missed the bus and need a ride (!), have finally pushed me into the wireless age.

I “googled” to find some information on various family plans and wireless providers, and ended up using to do some research. I liked the site because it gives a comprehensive look at the service plans from more than a dozen carriers (including T-Mobile, Verizon, Cingular, and Sprint), and offers a great selection of phones available from each. LetsTalk also had better rebate offers than my local wireless stores, so I ended up getting my phones for free.

As a novice to the wireless world, I was surprised to learn that the service providers work with cell phone manufacturers to offer custom phones that only work with their service. Why am I tempted to use the phrase “in cahoots”??

After comparing coverage areas, plan features, and prices, I checked with Communication Workers of America to see if they had a recommendation for a “worker friendly” service provider, and decided to go with Cingular. I liked the Cingular Family Plans, but the other thing I loved was the Fire Red RAZR phone!!! How shallow, I know, but it a truly beautiful little phone...slender, elegant, understated...not a brassy, bright red like some OTHER phones! (I must have a special affinity for this soft metallic red color, because it is one of the reasons I have the “hots” for my Mag-Lite flashlight...)

I am still learning the features of my RAZR phone, but I have sent my first text message, entered some numbers in my address book, and this morning I used the alarm clock feature to wake up. I think there will be no going back! Technology is so cool.

Stephanie, Webmaster

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Anonymous said...

I too have the RAZOR cell phone made by Motorola, actually I just upgraded to the RAZR 3 cell phone as there was a real good deal for us through T- Moble who has good coverage for where I live in the Arizona mountains of Prescott. I really like mine as well.It is a black one. It apparantly can store and play music, not that I will probably ever use it for that. It seems companies are putting way too much on the phone these days but maybe I'm just getting too old for all the extra gadgets. I am 58 and thankful to have learned to use our computer. I did look into a simple cell phone for my Mom who just turned 92. but they actually wanted more money for the advantage of a simple phone. It was way too expensive for the amount of use my Mom would get from it. It was called the Jitterbug. I'm not sure where it is made, I do not think it mentioned that, but their plans seemed expensive also. Well enjoy your Red RAZR... my husband drowed our first one (it was silver) when he was on a trip with our greyhound adoption dog, Dusty, he made a quick stop as someone cut him off and the cell phone fell into the dog's water bowl.Cell phone do not like the water HA HA