Friday, May 05, 2006

King Louie Spared the Guillotine!

American-made polo shirts are scarce as hens’ teeth, but perhaps will be spared the fate of the Passenger Pigeon. Pine Island Sportswear, makers of polo shirts in lots of great colors, recently decided to take their polo shirt sewing off-shore. Then came the announcement by King Louie International that, after 72 years in business, they would cease all production by June. This was “fowl” news indeed! The King Louie brand of polos and other garments are union made in USA, and have been a favorite with “Buy American” shoppers.

Now for the good news! Michael Lerner, son of the founder of the company that became King Louie International, has reached an “agreement in principle” to buy the sewing plant in Baxter Springs, KS. The company will be renamed King Louie American, and will continue to produce the King Louie label using union labor in USA.

King Louie Logo

Although the company’s market focus has been the promotional products industry, King Louie products have been available to individual consumers thanks to sites like and So celebrate the saving of a great label and 163 American jobs by ordering a King Louie polo shirt this weekend.

Sources: The Joplin Globe (Baxter Springs, KS) , King Louie Saved By Son of Co-Founder



StfRon said...

UGG! It is SO hard to find clothes made in US- King Louie was always one of my faves. Let's hope everything works out allright to keep this brand US made.

Anonymous said...

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Paul S

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for both King Louie and Zebulon USA. Great vendors both of them. I also have a collection of King Louie Shirts in my closet. Ah, the benefits of being in Florida! King Louie shirts are simply the best value for the money. I wouldn't give 2 cents for Polo or any of the corporate brands.